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Colin Lutman Therapy


Lutman Therapy

I have a small consultation room in Kingham, near Chipping Norton. Although the room is small it is cosy. There are no cloak room facilities and no waiting area.

Mulberry School

I offer the staff at the Mulberry School individual counselling in addition to the comprehensive support package the school provides. Staff seeking this additional support should contact me via email or telephone.

Deddington Health Centre

I am a volunteer counsellor at the Health Centre, seeing GP referred patients. I am able to see a limited number of private patients at the surgery without needing GP referral. Clients wanting to make appointment should contact me directly.

Chipping Norton School

I am a volunteer counsellor at Chipping Norton School, working as part of the school counselling team. I see students that either self-refer or are referred by concerned staff or parents. Students or parents of students who wish to see a member of the team should make initial contact through the pastoral team or with Roger Bryant or Shelagh Baxter.